Why not bramfeld male chastity forum

why not bramfeld male chastity forum

Mistress Jules Chastity Forums I have decided to start a new forum for male chastity enthusiasts. Why not just leave it that way? Chastity Forums is for the rest. Any of you cuckolds in male Chastity devices Why Oversexed Men Are Wearing A Chastity Device The Great, male Chastity, experiment - Topics A place for Mistress Jules to let you all know what she. Welcome to the forum. A section for everyone interested and involved. The number one site for male chastity information.

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Johns wife knows hes in chastity and how another woman holds his key, but believes her husbands behavior to be merely juvenile. (Well, I did get a little sleep last night, but not much.). John, a successful married father of two, is so sex-driven he finds it difficult to concentrate at work and claims he must masturbate four times a day to relieve his tension. The torment of this is terrible you are taken into virtual sexual madness and a clever wife will never miss an opportunity to arouse her sissy chastity cuckold, and not one of the men in my ex wife's life thought it strange! 0 0 Never Events Know of an event, been to an event - let everyone know about it here. Male chastity belts may put a kibosh on orgasms, but not the fluid that can dribble out when he becomes aroused. There are 5,556 pages of content on this website. 14 62 Chastity Mansion, 01:27 PM by Mistress Jules What's Happening? The keyholders mantra is, Control the orgasm and you control the man. Though all male chastity devices perform the same function, each model is different. 3 6 BBB Birmingham Bizzar Baz., 07:10 PM by Mistress Jules For Sale Selling something, whether it be books, devices or dungeon equipment, this is the place. Theres no way I can get to myself, he admits. At one time, they suspected he might have attention deficit disorder. Theyre often either too tight (it scrapes or pinches his flesh) or too loose (he can remove it and satisfy himself without his keyholders permission.) As they cant be tried on in sex shops for sanitary reasons, these items are mainly sold onlinemaking that perfect.

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