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Bastet:Gonna Get Laid Tonight Lyrics LyricWiki fandom powered Lyrics containing the term: get laid YMA4 Get Laid Lyrics Genius Lyrics You think you ll finally get kissed. Puttin on my best clothes Gettin her a red rose. Watch out so you don t get pricked. Gonna get laid tonight. Never forget I ll teach you some stuff that you won t regret Let out your lust, oh, you re mine tonight, oh, oh, yeah! Treephort Everyone Gets Laid Tonight Lyrics Genius Lyrics Lil Troy - Wanna Be A Baller Lyrics MetroLyrics Gonna get laid on your prom. Get Laid Lyrics : Yeah / I put my work ovatime to work for my love ones / Me and my niggas. Now am goin home and am gonna get laid.

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I can't wait to blow this place. I'm hot, find me lookin' good, diamonds against my wood. I've had enough never forget, i'll teach you some stuff that you won't regret. A caller gettin' laid tonight, swisher rolled tight, gotta sprayed by Ike. Man it's understood got money in my hood. Who you bear back runner war black I'm like a man in black Shout out to my hoes, they gonna get laid Tonight is the night The night of new days Hottest four play Your woman tryna get my feelin' paranoid I stick. Puttin' on my best clothes Gettin' her a red rose. Crawl out the window and make a break. Withdraw lot of money and shop for the time with my gal everyday. Out of control, walking on the edge of my soul. Yeah, thats love baby mama yeah, damn. Wanna be a baller, shot caller Twenty inch blades on the Impala A caller gettin' laid tonight Swisher rolled tight, gotta sprayed by Ike I hit the highway, making money the fly way But there's got to be a better way A better way, better. I'ma go real slow puffin' indo out the do'. Suzie's virtue remains protected, when much to my surprise somehow Suzie - Ah! A better way, better way, yeah, i'ma baller, I'ma twenty inch crawler. Big ballin smashin makin' my ends. Don't wanna break up Touch up my makeup. Bust a left, a right, I'm outta sight, I'm throwed. Blades on Impala, diamond rottweiller, i, 10 hauler, not a leader not follower. Me and my lover we spend the money to maintain and sustain our everyday special needs. 2 - montell and da gents I wanna get laid, it on their lips All the police get laid All the journals get paid now It's business as usual Business as usual It's business as usual Business as usual Death thrust this avalanche The gnostic. In the wind smoke goes as I crawl down on Vogues. Now am goin home and am gonna get laid. Run away, make hate, and get laid, and get laid, you tie. Just managed to sneak inside, gonna get laid tonight, gonna get laid tonight, i hope I'm gonna get laid tonight Gonna get laid tonight Nominate as Song of the Day. Hook: X2, i spend lot of money with niggas hey. I'ma lit the stash green, man, I'm lookin' clean.

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